(sites that BEAST members use happily)
-Airsoft Ohio
--The one-stop spot for everything airsoft in and around Ohio
-Whitey's Army Navy
--An awesome local store with many combat related items
-Shorty USA
--A great site for cheap airsoft gear with great customer service and fast shipping
-Combat Depot
--One of the best airsoft sites based in Ohio with great customer service (despite their currently limited selection)
-Airsoft Smith
--A superb Ohio airsoft store with great prices and a friendly staff
-Airsoft Extreme
--A great airsoft site with a good selection of high grade guns
-Airsoft Atlanta
--The shipping takes some time but the products are good and the customer service is great
-Airsoft Mechanics
--The best place to learn more about your gun and read some scientifically done studies about airsoft products

(sites that BEAST members will not use and warn others of)
--Ordering from this site can result in headaches and loss of money, beware!
-Sky Above Arms
--A horrible site that lies about its inferior products and has less than questionable customer service
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